Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day Answer #302: Sunday, April 17th

Welcome to another installment of Wordle where today, the answer broke my brain in a unique way.

Again, it’s not always about how hard the word is, but how the clues and your guesses unfold, and this one was a doozy for me today.

We have had some close calls lately in Wordle, but none of the words have been truly out there where you’re needing to look up definitions.

When the NYT bought Wordle, they trimmed a few hundred obscure or indecent words out of the answer list,

which has left us with 2,200 or so possible answers, and we’re through 300 already, as you can see by the number up top there.

Before we go any further, as I normally do, I will give you a spoiler warning before I list the answer outright in case you have somehow landed on this page by accident,

For today’s answer, my hint would be that you need to take a [blank] amount of time to think it over, as the word structure is a little less than traditional.

Yeah, it certainly took me an ample amount of time to get here in any case.

I guessed CRANE first, my usual, and that got me a surprise E at the end, which doesn’t usually happen, plus an A in there, but not the middle.