Recap: Better Call Saul Season 6 Is Here—Along With the Countdown to Kim’s Doom?

it’s because you are embarking on the sixth season of Better Call Saul and the eleventh season of gritty,

How is Gus Fring going to get away with trying and failing to kill Lalo Salamanca

How screwed, on a scale from “very” to “abso-fucking-tively,” is Nacho for his role in the botched hit

Are Kim and Jimmy/Saul really going to carry out some kind of scheme to ruin Howard’s life? And, most alarming of all,

just what twist of fate exactly is going to separate the now-married Kim and Jimmy/Saul as we barrel toward a collision with the Breaking Bad timeline?

Instead of reuniting us with stressed-out Cinnabon shift-worker Gene Takovic, Jimmy/Saul’s post-Breaking Bad alter ego,

Then, at the very end of the sequence, something falls out of the truck they’re loading and lands in the gutter.

A few minutes of hearing Betsy rail against her undeserved misfortunes is all it takes for Kim to tire of the carrot routine and go right to the stick.

. She says she wants them to keep quiet about the Howard coke thing,