Kyrie Irving flips off Boston crowd and says he is returning Celtics fans’ energy

Kyrie Irving said he gave the "same energy" back to Boston Celtics fans after he gave them the middle finger during a thrilling playoff game on Sunday.

Irving has a history of poor relations with Celtics fans, having left the team under difficult circumstances in 2019.

On Sunday, Irving overtook the crowd on two separate occasions as the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Celtics 115-114 early in the series after Jason Tatum had gone to bed at dusk.

Look, where I’m from, I’m used to all these antics and people being close nearby,” said Irving, who scored 39 points in the Nets’ loss.

t’s nothing new when I come into this building what it’s going to be like

And it’s not every fan, I don’t want to attack every fan,

every Boston fan. When people start yelling ‘pussy’ or ‘bitch’

This is what it is … So if somebody’s going to call me out on my name,

Irving said that the hostile atmosphere gave him motivation. “Embrace it,” Irving said. “Embrace it. It’s the dark side. Embrace it.”