Google Doodle pays tribute to Iraq's Naziha Salim. All you need to know

Search giant Google today paid a tribute by Doodle artwork in an ode to Salim's painting style

Naziha Salim was an Iraqi painter, professor and one of the most influential artists in Iraq’s contemporary art scene.

Her work often depicts rural Iraqi women and peasant life through bold brush strokes and vivid colors.

Naziha Salim was spotlighted by the Barjeel Art Foundation in their collection of female artists.

To paint the scene, Salim was born into a family of Iraqi artists in Turkey.

Her father was a painter and her mother was a skilled embroidery artist.

All three of her brothers worked in the arts, including Jawad

Salim enrolled at the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute where she studied painting and graduated with distinction.

After graduation, she spent several more years abroad, immersing herself in art and culture.