Drinking coffee for everyday may protect liver cancer, melanomas, oral

no matter what the day we drink coffee every day

If we talk about how coffee is made then coffee is a known mixture of chemicals

Coffee is made through other chemicals.

Coffee includes the chlorogenic acid putrescine.

The manufacture of coffee includes many chemicals other than pesticides used through fertilizers

Millions of people drink coffee, people like to drink coffee

Some people have asked us whether coffee causes cancer

But I panicked but as per the conventional wisdom any person would say that any excessive consumption can lead to dangerous disease

But some studies have shown that it is linked to an increased risk for bladder cancer and lung cancer,

but no conclusive evidence has yet been found.

Despite further studies among coffee consumption, it was found that

it was actually quite protective against endometrial cancer, liver cancer, melanoma, oral cancer and pharyngeal cancer.

Let us tell you that experts at the International Agency for Cancer Research agreed on a low risk