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Race Clicker is a popular mobile racing game where players can build and customize their own cars, compete in races, and earn rewards to upgrade their vehicles. To help players progress through the game and unlock new content, developers sometimes release promo codes that provide rewards such as free in-game items, equipment, or currency. In this article, we will discuss some of the available promo codes for Race Clicker and how to redeem them.

Race Clicker codes (November 2023)

  • 500mvisits – x3 luck boost (new!)
  • goodupdate – x3 win boost (new!)
  • happy4thofjuly – free rewards
  • freepet – free rewards
  • forgiveusfornoupdate – two triple win boosts
  • x330min5 – two times triple win boost
  • x3wincode2 – triple wins
  • x3upd1 – triple wins
  • winsop2 – triple wins
  • NEWCODEWIN1 – triple wins
  • FREEPET1 – limited time free pet
  • X3WOWCODE – triple wins and triple luck for 15 minutes
  • obbyboost – free wins and boosts
  • UPDATECLICKCODE – temporary free auto clicker
  • 500KLikes – free wins
  • Almost100MVisits – free wins
  • ThankYou50M – free wins
  • 1MGroupMembers – free wins
  • ThanksFor5MillionsVisits – free wins
  • LetsGo5KLikes – free wins
  • NewUpdate – free wins

Race Clicker codes Expired

  • myvalentine

How to Redeem Race Clicker Promo Codes

Redeeming promo codes in Race Clicker is a simple process. Follow these steps to claim your reward:

  1. Launch Race Clicker on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon located at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Redeem Code” button.
  4. Enter the promo code in the text field and tap “Redeem.”
  5. Your reward will be sent to your mailbox in-game.

Note: Some promo codes have a limited time of use, so make sure to redeem them before they expire.



Race Clicker promo codes are a great way to obtain free in-game items, equipment, and currency. Keep an eye out for new codes that are released and make sure to redeem them before they expire. With these codes, you can enhance your gameplay experience and progress through the game faster. Happy racing and good luck building your dream car!

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