Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant “Stole Christmas” from LeBron James wearing his $3000 Grinch 6s!

Kobe bryant and lebron james faced off multiple instances during their profession – one of the most iconic being christmas day 2010.

Christmas day shoes were a issue for a decade and something now. The christmas of 2010 had one of the most iconic shoes ever to debut on that day. Derrick rose can also have the first-class christmas shoe of all time, but kobe bryant has a close 2nd. Nike saw two of its heavy-weight names clash against each other, kobe and lebron james. Lebron james had just switched groups, pairing up with lengthy-time friend dwyane wade and chris bosh. Kobe, sparkling from a championship run changed into tipped to repeat. However as expected, miami warmness began an onslaught on the title like no different. Meeting on christmas day, the teams had very similar stat-strains, however lebron passed kobe an l at the sheet. But the grinches? Well, they were on his feet, the courtside seats, and everybody else’s thoughts from then on.

By using his lofty standards, the black mamba had a poor sport. Perhaps because he was sporting a shoe that gave the look of a inexperienced mamba and a grouch who stole christmas. After that, the shoe did no longer many many more appearances at the courtroom, however others had been wearing it on the grounds that. A loss inside the column, but a win in financial terms.

Kobe Bryant may have lost the battle – but he won the sneaker war

The miami warmth were steamrolling anybody in their course – a younger group determined to go all of the way. They received the matchup against heavy favorites the l. A. Lakers, a demonstration of the downfall of an generation. Kobe changed into tipped heavily to have his three-peat, which turned into stolen by using boston in 2008 but turned into ended by dirk nowitzki and the mavs in 2011.

The matchup between the two teams was excellent – But Erik Spoelstra had the legs in his roster to beat an aging squad. LeBron and Kobe would face each other for another 6 years, but this was the best matchup in that decade. The Miami Heat were creating a dynasty of their own, and the Lakers were their big victim.

LeBron James did end up on the winning side, but Kobe won where it matters most to sneakerheads. Nobody even remembers the LeBrons worn on Christmas day, but everybody still wants the grinches.

It has gone on the resale market for over $3000! At one point, thus helping cement its legacy as one of the greatest sneakers ever.

The scaly green shoes are still coveted to this day, but the LeBron 8 Christmas? Only sells for about 280 dollars on Stockx. The Grinches? 1400 dollars for the original, and about 400 dollars for the retro.

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