kevin durant
kevin durant

Your shoe company doesn’t like it. Your agent doesn’t like it” – Colin Cowherd says sitting out will not be good for Kevin Durant’s brand

kevin durant
Colin Cowherd believes sitting out of games is not good for the Kevin Durant brand.

The brooklyn nets – kevin durant scenario maintains to linger without a clear indication of the forward being traded. The 12-time all-megastar made his intentions to leave the franchise regarded about a month ago. But there has been no real revolutionary talks. The nets are said to be inquisitive about retaining the ahead at the group for the approaching season. Colin cowherd believes the forward is being positioned in a clumsy function because he does now not have any leverage. With four years left on his settlement, the 2-time nba champion can best take a seat out of games as a shape of protest. Cowherd said that the choice to sit out might no longer be appropriate for his brand.

He also said that his agent might not like it, nor could his shoe organisation. He additionally believes the commissioner of the nba, adam silver, would as an alternative now not have the supposed face of the nba sitting out video games.

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