Wordle 418 Answer Today August 11 Hints and to get solution for today’s word game


wordle is now a verb and a noun. Wordle’s answer today has only one vowel. Begins with a consonant and ends with a consonant.
This word literally means “to endure”.

Also when you are overly emotionally dependent on (someone) can also be used to represent
Etymology – Old English clingan “to stick together” of Germanic origin. Middle High German “Haft”, Middle High German “Climbing”, also related to Baren

Wordle Answer August 11 is ; “GLEAN”

Wordle Answer August 10 is ; “CLING

Another word is given consistently and the player should figure the word in six attempts. Wordle was made and created by Welsh programmer Josh Wordle. The game is presently possessed and distributed by The New York Times Company. Word games can be played on portable programs, PCs, and work areas.

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