Watch out, someone wants to turn Pac-Man into a live-action movie

The classic Pac-Man arcade game became the next potential base for a real-time adaptation as Hollywood continues to pursue intellectual property to transition to a new movie franchise. 

the film is currently based on the idea of ​​Sonic Hedgehog co-producer Chuck Williams, with the help of Bandai Namco, who is collaborating with Wayfarer (Cloud studio at Disney Plus). ) is under development. THR only reports that the film is “in development” without mentioning that it has been officially approved or is in production. But as studios increasingly turn to video games to extract intellectual property rights for upcoming projects,

In recent years, plans have been announced to develop movies based on games ranging from Triple-A games like Metal Gear Solid to popular indie games like Firewatch, and a live-action version of Mario by Chris Pratt is currently in development. no need to worry The details of the Pac-Man project are unknown. From 1982 to 1983, he had the 1980s Hanna-Barbera comics that aired on ABC and the animated series that aired on Disney XD in 2013. But, as far as we know, no one has succeeded in making Pac-Man the centerpiece of a live-action film. Movies are more than cinematic cameos like Pixel. There is no mention of when or when it will be directed. Now there’s a YouTube clip of his definitive Pac-Man live-action film.


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