Serena Williams Reflects on Her Life in Looks: From Nike Catsuits to Camp Gucci


The French Open was pretty mad about it,” said tennis legend Serena Williams, who immediately caused controversy by referring to the black catsuit she wore to the 2018 French Open. Sure, she’s no stranger to sparking conversations about fashion — the seven-time Wimbledon champion has ruled the court for nearly three decades.

Denim On wears everything from his denim competition look to Virgil’s Abloh-designed tutu. In a new video, Williams sits down with Vogue to revisit some of her most memorable looks on and off the pitch. Our first glimpse of Williams’ journey down memory lane was Her mother bought her blue and white tennis dress in 1992. The purchase was a special event. Williams’ mother, Oracine Price, usually made Serena’s costumes herself.

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