Saudi MBC Studios’s Most Ambitious Local TV Series To Date ‘Rise Of The Witches’ Has Begun Shooting At Neom

MBC Studios, the luxury production company of Saudi media and entertainment conglomerate MBC Group, has announced the release of Rise of the Witches, a fantasy adventure game. It is the largest concert with local cast members and staff. This work is currently being filmed in Neom, a smart city that is growing rapidly in the northeastern part of Korea. The site is central to Saudi Arabia’s strategy to become a major film and TV production hub that previously hosted the large budget Desert Warriors project.

Neom supported the production and he made 3 sets for production. It also has the largest special effects budget of any Saudi film to date. The series is based on Osama Al-Muslim’s best-selling book on Saudi mythology. Set in ancient Arabia, you will follow an epic battle between two rival wizards. Growing up in a world ruled by a male wizard who keeps women inaccessible to their magical powers, two witches secretly study the arts and form their own group to protect themselves and gain power.

The production is dominated by Saudi actors led by Ida Al-Qusay and Sumaya Rida as the two lead witches. Directed by Declan O’Dwyer and Craig Pickles and produced by MBC GROUP’s Dominic Barlow and Zeinab Abu Alsam. MBC Studios has hired new local talent to work on the series as part of its strategy to build local film and TV development and production capabilities.

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