Sanna Marin: Finland PM partying video causes backlash

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has faced backlash after a video of her party was leaked on social media on Wednesday. They are shown singing and dancing to songs by rapper Petri Nigord and pop singer Anti Twisk.

This video appears to be from her Instagram story

Also featured are singer Alma, influencer Janita Autio, TV presenter Tinni Wikström, YouTuber Ilona Ylikorpi, radio presenter Karoliina Tuominen, stylist Vesa Silver, Social Democrat MP Ilmari Nurminen and many other Finnish celebrities. by Ms. Marin,

The filing says it is currently impossible to know when the video was once filmed, but it appears to have been recorded in an undisclosed home.

Malin and her staff may not be able to comment on Wednesday.
This is not the first time a prime minister has faced backlash over political parties. Marin, 36, Pekka, who contracted the novel coronavirus last December, came here to party at a nightclub even though she knew she had been in contact with Foreign Minister Harvest. came.

Marin posted a lengthy apology on Facebook, and after a photo of her dancing with her friends until around 4 a.m. Seisuka, she was criticized, and then said that she had moved, saying, “I really do.”Ms Marin became the youngest High Minister in Finland’s history in 2019. She heads a government coalition of five political parties.

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