RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race: Who is Poppy Love? Latest fan theories

The display is a spin-off of the masked singer, with contestants scuffling with it out on degree and lip-syncing to the famous singers.


Who is Poppy Love?

Clues about poppy love’s identity includes most effective the information that he is a “instantly guy” and enjoys being on degree, calling it his “satisfied vicinity. For the duration of the most efficient, poppy love stated: “i’m doing this because i’m a massive propose for the lgbtq+ community. I’m without a doubt in contact with my masculine facet and my female aspect.

“i’d love this possibility to virtually move all in.”

poppy love carried out you oughta understand by alanis morissette in week one, crowning him that week’s winner.

Fans have speculated approximately poppy love’s identification, with some suggesting he is aj mclean from the nineteen nineties boy band, backstreet boys. Fanatics are posting their guesses on twitter, with one user writing: “on rupaul’s mystery superstar drag race, poppy love is definitely aj from backstreet boys.”

fans are displaying their assist for poppy love, with any other person posting: “simply crown poppy love the winner of secret superstar drag race and supply her charity the £100k already.”

Who are the contestants?

There have so far been two contestants removed inclusive of:

Fabulosity – loretta devine
electra owl – taylor dayne

The remaining contestants are:

Poppy love
chakra 7
donna bellissima
milli von sunshine
jackie would
thirsty von lure


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