Rina Sawayama, the Outside Lands performer who should have been a headliner

Amazing British-Japanese pop singer Rina Sawayama is on her way to becoming a famous and best-selling pop star. And Sawayama, who appears on San Francisco’s Outside Land Saturday Night Show, is her mission to reach that point while satisfying her position as “Pixel” and welcoming new people with countless charms. , it was a sporty and comprehensive one-hour show.

I have three questions,” she told the audience with a bitter smile after performing a few songs. She said, “Are you ready to dance? Ready to kill?” Sawayama’s set started with a brutal hard rock riff and ended with Lady Gaga’s dance party. of Alchemy sounded stronger live than recorded. Her voice is 2000s pop by Her Girl and Evanescence. Koos, influenced by Her Lee’s opera soloist Amy, is often somewhere in between.


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