Powerball results for 08/08/22; jackpot worth $27 million

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Lansing, Michigan — Michigan players came close, with one player winning $2 million, but no winner of the $27 million Powerball jackpot in the drawing on Monday, August 8th.

This means he’s worth $35 million with a $20.6 million cash option in the drawing on Wednesday, August 10th.

August 6 Powerball Numbers (White): 32-45-51-57-58

Red Powerball Power Numbers: 12

Power Play Numbers: 2

Doubles Game Number: 11-42-46-48-57

Doubles Game Powerball Number: 9

Winner of Powerball on August 6:

No grand prize winner, but one player has tied all five match white numbers. Earn $1 million. This ticket was sold in Puerto Rico.

· This player also played his power play option, increasing the winnings to $2 million. At
Michigan, in the lottery he won four cueballs and a Powerball, winning $50,000. It was the largest award earned in the state.

· 254,283 tickets sold, winning at least $4 in the draw. In Michigan, his 8,472 tickets sold won at least $4 in sweepstakes.


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