OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney charged with murder in stabbing death of boyfriend in Miami

Instagram models Courtney Klenney and OnlyFans, who stabbed and killed their boyfriend in Miami in April, have been arrested on murder charges, the Miami Herald said. And it will be referred to Miami-Dade County for possible litigation. Her arrest was confirmed Wednesday afternoon by Miami attorney Frank Prieto that she is in Hawaii undergoing rehabilitation for her substance abuse and PTSD.

I was utterly shocked because she offered to cooperate with her investigation and she would voluntarily extradite her if charged. “We look forward to getting her name out in court. Attorney Katherine Fernandez, City Police Chief Manuel Morales and South Florida Marshal Gadiases Serralta made the announcement Thursday afternoon. Details of the detention will be announced at a press conference.

The arrest concludes a four-month investigation into Clenney by Miami Police Department homicide detectives and prosecutors, whose murder of her boyfriend during a domestic dispute at the posh Edgewater apartment has become a global landmark. It became a headline. Clenny’s defense attorneys argued that she acted in self-defense and that the murder was justified. , called for Clenny’s arrest. Obunseri worked in cryptocurrencies. Her Clenney, known as her Courtney Tailor on social media platforms, has over 2 million followers on her social media platforms.

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