Luke Getsy Did Some Showing Off In His Bears Debut

Matt Everfuls knew he had to find someone who could solve the Chicago Bears’ longstanding problems offensively. His choice was bold. Luke Getzie was the Green Bay Packers’ passing game coordinator from 2019 to 2021. He only served as offensive coordinator for one year, but that was in college. When he was 37, people didn’t know what to think of him. Players love him as a teacher, and many in the league believe him to be a rising star.

On the other hand, many similar things were said about Matt Nagy when he arrived from Kansas City. It didn’t work. As a result, Bears fans had a hard time trusting whether Getsy knew what he was doing. They had to meet him in game situations that he demanded to play. After the preseason opener against the Chiefs, there is reason for optimism.

The Bears gained a respectable 285 yards, failed to turn the ball over, and took very few penalties. He also controlled the timing of possession. What impressed me most was how well the young coordinator called football according to the situation.

Luke Getsy had no issues helping his offense find opportunities.

Example #1: Trestan Ebner TD

This is great game design. Wide receivers run the outroute and tight ends create space on the field. We’ll have to leave Chiefs safety Deon Bush (#26) in no man’s land and cover Ebner in his one-on-one in the open field. The running back’s speed and quickness make it a slight mismatch. Simian found him in the middle of the score.

Example #2: TD pass to Dazz Newsome

Luke Getzie adopts a pile formation on the right side. At the snap, #10 Nsimba Webster breaks in, picks up the linebacker, and carries the cornerback. Dante Pettis (#86) licked the touchline and let another corner go with him. This frees Dazz Newsome from Curb’s truck security. He was easily dismissed and Simian found him for an open touchdown.

Example #3: 4th down conversion to Dante Pettis

It’s just good at finding the right matchups rather than design. Getsy extends it to fourth place. He slots Pettis, one of the better route runners, up against DiCaprio Bootle. Kansas City has only one safe zone for him, so help is too late. Pettis won from the line of scrimmage and jumped big on the post route to take the big win. Creating such favorable matchups was rare last year.

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