‘I Am Groot’ Is a Delightful Marvel Superhero Kids Snack

Disney not only allowed Marvel to expand its connected universe, but it also gave the studio the opportunity to delve deeper into different genres and styles, such as formula and folding animation. Franchising is a natural step. While it turned out to be a more teen-focused effort (like the upcoming Marvel Zombies and XMen ’97 will likely happen), I Am Groot is specifically aimed at younger audiences

. A lighthearted, humorous collection set after the original 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy film, focusing on Groot’s slow and bumpy upbringing. Youth Experience is the name of I Am Groot (August 10) In the game, Groot roams the woods, finds a fascinating puddle, sprays bug slime (so everything is purple) and Take a relaxing bath with mud on your head. Begin. Unknowingly, leaves sprouted from every pore on my bark-filled trunk. Groot wouldn’t be comfortable without a nimble, resourceful kid who had his scissors ready and started creating a new jungle with a variety of outfits.

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