‘Hansan’ Holds Off ‘Emergency Declaration’ for Busy Korea Box Office Weekend

A modern South Korean action thriller, Declaring a State of Emergency soared to $6.5 million on its opening weekend. But it was classic naval action flick Hansan: Rising Dragon that remained afloat for his two weeks at the top of the Korean box office.

2014’s record-breaking sequel Hansan earned him $9.18 million from more than 1,600 screens, according to data from his Kobis, a tracking service of the Korean Film Council (Kofic). rice field. This was a 32% decrease week-over-week. Market share fell from 60% to 45%. Still, after 12 days in Korean theaters, “Hansan” grossed $36 million, making it the fourth highest-grossing film of the year so far.

“Emergency Declaration”, which had a special screening in Cannes last year and was postponed several times, was finally allowed to fly on Wednesday. It got off to a strong start on the distributor’s Showbox, topping his daily charts on Wednesday and Thursday. However, the film suffered a upset over the weekend, earning her $6.5 million at the box office and his 32% market share from 1,718 screens to take his second place. Raised $10.8M in 5 days

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