‘Grease’ Actor Not Competent to Stand Trial Over Nursing Home Burglary

Character actor Eddie Deezen, known for his quintessential geek roles, was declared mentally disabled after being charged with breaking into a Maryland nursing home in April. Deezen, 65, was considered dangerous to herself and those around her, according to a bail order filed on August 4 and received on Monday.

He added that he will remain under the care of the state health department until the court decides otherwise. No further details about Deezen’s mental state are reported in the documentation. Dizen, who plays Eugene Felsnick, was arrested on April 9 on charges of breaking into a nursing home.

At the time, that he refused to leave and tried to sneak into the patient’s room before he was finally arrested. He was charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and trespassing after being charged with throwing plates and food at a restaurant.

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