Giancarlo Esposito Is In Talks With Marvel Studios, Hopes To Play This X-Men Character

Marvel Studios has welcomed Fantastic 4 and XMen into their expanded universe. Fan expectations for the cast have skyrocketed after several new projects related to it were announced at ComicCon. More projects, new heroes, new actors. He revealed that one of those actors met with Marvel Studios to find out who he was and what role he would play.

The Mandalorian and Better Call actor Saul Giancarlo Esposito is in talks with Marvel Studios for multiple roles, but he has announced that he wants to play a character that fans love. This information was shared in the video by a Tik Tok user named @countdowncitygeeks. Giancarlo said: “I haven’t worked for Marvel. I’ve been in the room with them and I’m talking to them.

To answer your question, which they’re doing, Joe Campbell, who happens to be a friend of George Lucas , told him The Story Listened to The Mandalorian actor also talked about any character his fans think would be a good fit for him. We were asked to choose between two of the most popular characters in the MCU: Magneto and Professor X. He said “I will spread the fact that I am Professor X throughout the universe”, he said. add to the conversation.

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