Florence Pugh Reveals She and Zach Braff Quietly Broke Up’

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff wanted to keep their split private. Braff revealed that they are quietly going their separate ways, hoping to keep their comments hidden to avoid strangers. on the internet.

“We were in a relationship where everyone had an opinion, so we tried to get through this breakup without the public noticing.

“Just talking about it gives me a lump in my throat,” she added. I was.

Pugh also told Harper’s Bazaar that he did not participate because he was interested in his private life as a celebrity.

“Whenever I feel like I’ve crossed this line in my life, whether it’s the paparazzi showing a private moment or a moment that doesn’t even seem real, I ask the public to share a personal and intimate moment. Whether it’s a gossip channel that motivates people… I think it’s a complete lie that people walk down the street,” she said.

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