Clu Gulager, Actor Known for Roles in The Last Picture Show and TV Westerns, Dead at 93: Reports

Clu Gulager, a seasoned pantomime stylish flashed back for his corridor in the 1985 horror– comedy” The Return of the Living Dead” and the sitcom” The Virginian,” has passed away from natural causes. He was 93.
According to Variety, John Gulager, Gulager’s sonpaid homage to his father on Facebook by posting a print of him. The news of Gulager’s end was vindicated on Twitter by director Sean Baker who worked with him on the 2015 film” Tangerine.”
Gulager failed” girdled by his adoring family,” according to a family statement posted on Facebook by Diane Goldner, Gulager’s son– in- law.

Clu was as minding as he was pious and devoted to his craft, a proud member of the Cherokee nation, a rule– swellsharp and canny, and on the side always of the tyrannized. He was good– humored, an avaricious anthology, tender and kindLoud and dangerous,” reads the statement.” He was shocked that he lived, for indeed a day after Miriam Byrd- Nethery, the love of his lifefailed 18 times agone .”
Beginning with little gem places in 1950s TV programs, Gulager’s acting career gauged seven decades. A chief of television Westerns, Gulager played Billy the sprat for two seasons in” The Tall Man” and had a regular part in the network‘s” The Virginian” for four of the show‘s nine seasons. In 1971, he played a part in Peter Bogdanovich’s” The Last Picture Show.”

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