Brooke Shields Cries as Daughter Rowan Leaves for Sophomore Year of College: ‘I Miss Her Already’



Brooke Shields has a hard time watching her daughters grow up.

On Thursday, the iconic mannequin and actress tearfully documented her daughter Rowan, 19, leaving for college in her second 12-month period. shared a video on her Instagram. Her Ms. Shields looked forward to the fact that her freshman year would be easier than dropping her off at her dorm, but she found it just as difficult to say goodbye to her home. she noticed.


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“So I waved at her daughter again, thinking it would be easier the second time. She’s gone now, and she’s been with me all summer… “I don’t give her power anymore, she uses it with her father,” Shields said.

After laughing at herself for a while, she started crying again. I’m walking past her,” she said. “our baby. 


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