Britney Spears ‘Saddened’ As Ex-Husband Discusses Her Relationship

Britney Spears expressed her disappointment in an interview with ex-husband Kevin Federline about her relationship with their sons. She has two teenage sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston. It has been several months since she met her.”

Kevin said. “They decided not to go to the wedding.” in In an interview, Kevin spoke positively about the fathers and mothers of Britney, Jamie, and Lynne Spears, the achievement of the conservatory

the star has applied for for 13 years. He also said it was “difficult” for the boys to see Britney’s recent social media posts that included a few topless and nude photos. Kevin added: So I let my kids come to me anytime and talk about anything. I know all my children and boys come to my wife and me and talk all kinds of things.

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