Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Official New Poster Released

Bleach Thousand Years Blood War unveils the final chapter with a new naming convention. It’s time for the Soul Reapers to return to service and protect the good spirits in their “cave”. Millennium Blood is expected to come out in the next few months, and recent sources say it will include an animation from the boy’s classic.

The first run of the Bleach animation was canceled before the final issue of the manga started, and fans have been eagerly awaiting a new season of the show since. The creators of the show exaggerated the animation, saying it was very different from what was expected. Fans have been able to see differences, such as new visuals, in every trailer released so far.

Bleach will finally return to TV and streaming services this fall thanks to Studio Pierrot, and many of his anime fans are very excited. The Millennium Battle is one of the biggest battles Ichigo and his companions have fought in the Tight Kubo Boys series. Bleach: The Millennium Blood War episode poster has been released by the official Viz Media handle on Twitter. The poster also features the main villain Ichigo and his army will face in the series. Added a new chapter featuring Soul Society members.

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