Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 6
Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 6

Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 6

The Big Brother spoilers preserve rolling on BB24 and these Houseguests do no longer disappoint. Let’s trap you up on the entirety that’s long past down in the Big Brother residence considering that Julie stated goodnight after Thursday’s eviction. We’ve cleared the HOH competition, Nominations, and even the Power of Veto comp which introduced lower back the always-messy Prizes & Punishments.

Let’s get you caught up on all the spoilers and outcomes from the BB24 Live Feeds the previous few days.

Head of Household:

The Wall greeted the HGs as they stepped outdoor after evicting Daniel. This one tends to desire the slender, lighter HGs and this time round was once no different. We even heard affirmation from the runner-up that this comp was once no longer thrown, it was once earned through the winner.

Nominations :

The Leftovers are keeping their seat warm in the HOH room and that’s keeping them also in control of the Block. At some point, they’re going to turn on each other, but maybe not just yet. These two nominees have both been told there’s a bigger target but that might not be the case this week after all.

Power of Veto Competition:

In case you hadn’t heard, Jasmine has a birthday this week and no one higher do her incorrect with a punishment to go with it. When Feeds again we had the winner and the equal awful thinking was once nevertheless be floated round for the use of a pawn as the renom. Or possibly not. The winner has caught wind of a graph to evict his ally and that would possibly hold matters simply as they are.

Power of Veto Meeting:

I don’t assume we’re going to see the medallion put into play on Monday. With his showmance at risk, he can also now not experience as assured in the diagram as the relaxation of his allies on this move. Still some other day to parent it out and there are sure to be a lot of discussions and thoughts thrown round in the HOH room.

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