Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Scores With 2022’s Second-Biggest Album Debut Numbers

Her first solo album after Beyonce’s Lemonade project sold 653,000 copies six years ago. The circumstances of the two albums are so different that it is difficult to make a direct comparison. While ‘Lemonade’ garnered attention with the full video of his album, ‘Renaissance’ has not previously been accompanied by a music video. “Renaissance” was released as a physical product. The CD was sold in stores and the record was originally sold only on the artist’s website, but since the 2016 release is all digital, Beyonce sold 190,000 copies this week,

which is great. 332,000 copies of “Renaissance” are sold as complete albums in digital, CD and vinyl. As of 2022, only Style and BTS albums recorded higher sales than regular albums in the first week. Billboard reports that “Renaissance” sold 121,000 CDs, 43,000 downloads, and 26,000 vinyl records in its first week. (LP sales will skyrocket when the LP is released to brick-and-mortar stores in September. Special editions previously only available on the website have long since sold out.

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