Beyoncé and The Isley Brothers come together for a very smooth new version of “Make Me Say It Again, Girl”

Beyoncé discovered another popular collaboration with soul and funk legends, the Isley Brothers, this week. After days of teasing, My First Partner released an updated version of Isley’s classic “Make Me Say It Again, Girl” at midnight today. The Isleys, who know this well, plan to make “Make Me” the title track of their new album of the same name.
And while the duo (currently just Ronald and Ernie Isley) have yet to officially declare their new album a collaborative album after years of lineup changes that solidified in the ’90s, “the future will also be there are many guests,” he said. . The Isleys pointed out her shocking thing about the single: Beyoncé, who apparently recorded the vocals for “Make Me” last year, will continue for her own new album Renaissance. The press hailed the Blitz song. ,

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