Anne Heche is ‘not expected to survive,’ family says in statement

Anne Heche, who was hospitalized in a car accident at her home in Los Angeles last week, said she had no hope of surviving, in a statement shared with her family and friends on CNN. “The accident left Anne Heche with severe anaerobic brain damage and a serious coma,” she said. She is not expected to survive,” she said in a statement. I decided to become a donor for a long time.


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Whether she has viable organs. Anaerobic brain injury occurs when the brain lacks oxygen. occurs. LAPD spokeswoman Jeff Lee told CNN that Heche drove her car off her road and crashed into an apartment building last Friday. said. Lee said a woman at her home at the time of the accident suffered minor injuries, but she was consulted by a doctor. Heche is in critical condition. A spokesperson for Heche told CNN this week that the actress suffered “serious lung injuries requiring mechanical ventilation” and “burns requiring surgery.”

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