‘The End Is Nye’ Trailer: Bill Nye, Seth MacFarlane And Brannon Braga Save The World Through Science

Peacock released a trailer for his six-part documentary, The End Is Nye, starring Bill Nye the Science Guy on Saturday. All of these will be premiered at the same time on August 25th at Streamer.

Nye Announces Co-Creator of Scientific Disaster Series Seth MacFarlane and Brannon Braga show how science can help mitigate, survive, and even prevent potential global disasters in the real world.

Erica Huggins, President of Fuzzy Doorat Nai, Braga, and McFarlane, showed the trailer (above) and sneak peak on the panel of the show at Comic Con’s Room 6A. Nai and Braga wrote a series directed by Braga and performing a show run. All are executive producers of Universal Television Alternative Studio, UCP and Fuzzy Door.

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