Stephen Curry Gets ESPYs Hosting Advice from Drake, Teases ‘Surprises’ During Award Show

Stephen Curry will host the ESPYS on Wednesday. This is an obligation for basketball stars to describe as a “bucket list situation”.

Curry, 34, “looks at the entire list of athletes and celebrities who previously hosted it and sees how they enjoyed, entertained, personalized and took advantage of several opportunities. I did. ” Fortunately for the
NBA Finals MVP, some of his famous friends have previously hosted the awards ceremony. Emotions. “Curry says.

He also plans several special appearances, including the possibility of appearing with his wife Ayesha Curry.

“I don’t want to spoil too many surprises,” he teases. [Ayesha] Doing some things on some Doing skits or on stage … we’ll see, “says Curry.

However, Curry has fixed his award hopes to the NBA Best Player Award. He is the oldest candidate at the age of 34, followed by Joel Envic at the age of 28, Nikola Jokić at the age of 27, and Luka Doncic at the age of 23.
“Obviously, I want to win this category and add to the glory of this year’s championship, but I’ll see what happens,” he adds. Given the opportunity to appoint an NBA player other than himself to host a future ESPY, Curry said: It will be a 7 hour show

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