Ricky Martin’s Lawyer Denies “Disgusting” Incest Accusations By Nephew

According to variety shows, pop artist Ricky Martin’s lawyer forcibly dismissed the allegations that the musician had molested his nephew, calling him “disgusting” as well as inaccurate. In early July, Martin was ordered to be detained in Puerto Rico. Domestic violence has been confirmed by law.

According to an article on Friday’s entertainment website TMZ, the accused victim was named the nephew of a 21-year-old singer. Spanish news site Marca is reportedly said by TMZ. However, according to lawyer Martin Singer, Martin’s nephew suffers from serious mental health problems.

“Of course, Ricky Martin has never been involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew. Not only is the idea wrong, but I hate it. We are all this guy. Hopes to get the help he really needs, but above all, I look forward to seeing this horrific case dismissed after the judge confirms the facts. ” Stated.

The petitioner was unidentified on July 2, when the injunction was announced. According to Puerto Rico news source El Vocero, the incident was reportedly committed by a person Martin had been dating for seven months. According to the petitioner at the time, Martin refused to separate and was frequently found near her home.

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