‘Not Okay’ Movie Review: Zoey Deutch’s Anti-Redemption Story Is Underbaked

Not Okay’ Movie Review Not OK exaggerates the despair associated with social media culture. Actors Zoey Deutch, Dylan O’Brien and Mia Isaac did a good job, but the film lacks an argument against restraint. Out of Order is a type of comedy suitable for particularly sensitive topics related to terrorism, school shootings, and trauma.

Not OK serves as a warning story in many ways, including the dangers of social media obsession and the desire to be noticed. However, Shepard also warns the audience about the “unpleasant female protagonist,” making it clear from the start that this isn’t necessarily a character to cheer for.


But Not OK details how the internet makes villains victims and vice versa. Danni’s story contains a generational discourse about how the world is coping in the age of social media. Shepard’s script deals with white privilege and often makes for a comedy that uses submissive culture as a punchline. Rowan acts as a counterpoint to Danny, giving the film credibility and hope for how future generations can use social platforms for good. However, Danny refuses to take any responsibility and always blames his grievances on external factors. Shepard’s story gives the character many opportunities to recover herself, but she doesn’t use it.

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