Nicole Williams opens up about her pregnancy with Larry English

Nicole Williams, the face of popular television, recently announced that she is hoping for her first child with her husband, Larry English. She broke the news while showing off her baby’s bumps in a skimpy black two-piece during Miami Swim Week. She was part of the Runway at the Sports Illustrated Fashion Show.

A Canadian model showed off her midriff in a plunging bikini top and panties. Nicole Williams worked on various reality shows and was part of the television show WAG. That’s why social media stars showcased the brilliance of pregnancy with their husband Larry English on the catwalk.

The 36-year-old NFL star seems to be fascinated by the beauty of Nicole Williams. Her crowd loved her and praised her way he kissed her stomach. The crowd applauded as she took off her robe while walking. The pair looked great together as they walked the runway.

The actress wore a gold Cartier bracelet and looked hot with a bunch of almost waist-length hair styled with loose waves for a runway special. During the event, Nicole was also captured by a translucent gold dress with Rookie 2023 on her chest. Later, her pregnant father found it cozy and took care of his loved one.

After this event, Nicole shared a series of snapshots of the black and white filter with her husband.

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