Ne-Yo: Self Explanatory review – nostalgic mid-tempo fillers

R & B singer-songwriter Shaffer Chimere Smith, also known as Ne-Yo, dominated mainstream radio. Combining confession lyricism with sophisticated falsetto and catchy songs, he has included “So Sick” (2006), “Because of You” (2007), and Rihanna’s feature “Hate That I Love You” (2008). Produced a hit song. Smith’s first three albums reached the top two on the US singles chart, after which he disappeared primarily from the airwaves. He has released records for diminishing his success since 2010, and Goodman was unable to chart in the UK in 2018.

In his latest seventh album, Smith still shows an unmistakable voice. Over 13 tracks, he winds from the oral proceedings of “Lay in’Low” to the melodic run of “Do n’t Love Me” to the airy falsetto of “Want It Allor Nothing”. He is still listening to the nodding production. After the party channeled the synthesizer R & B in the late 80’s, Handle Me gently embraced a new Jack Swing reminiscent of SWV’s 1992 hit Right Here. But the soothing nostalgia of these highlights isn’t enough to carry the entire record. Tracks such as Proudof You, Call Me Up, and NoLoot are played as mid-tempo fillers.

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