Michael Elgin reportedly arrested in Japan

Michael Elgin (real name Aaron Frobel) was scheduled to wrestle with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Shizuoka last Sunday (July 10th). He toured with the company and held the GHC tag title with Masa Kitamiya at the time. However, before the show, NOAH announced that he was “absent” and changed the card. They also pulled him away from the event at the Budokan Hall today (July 16th) and vacated the title. Elgin’s absence was due to his arrest in Japan last weekend, according to Cassidy Haynes on

Elgin (real name Aaron Frobel) is said to face up to five years in prison. Haynes sources compared this situation to Matt Sydal’s arrest in Japan for cannabis possession in 2016. Saidal was able to secure his release on the condition that he never returned to the country.

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