Lego teases new set inspired by ‘The Office’

The Office” is getting new life, this time in Lego structure.

Legos prodded a coordinated effort with the well known show Thursday via virtual entertainment, with a statement from the show and a photograph of a Lego caught in yellow jello – – a reference to a joke from “The Office.” behind the scenes, “Dwight” is composed on a tape distributor.

This isn’t Lego’s most memorable invasion with notable network shows. In 2019, Lego delivered a bunch of Central Perk, the New York bistro from “Companions.” That set highlighted north of 1,000 pieces and included smaller than usual figures of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Gunther. Last year, the organization delivered a comparable set for “Seinfeld,” displayed after Jerry Seinfeld’s loft.

Very nearly 10 years after the show’s finale, interest for the show keeps on running profound.

A few devotees of the show have likewise clamored for a reboot or a get-together.

“The Office” is a mockumentary-style show following Steve Carell as the manager of a paper supply organization in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It originally debuted in 2005 and ran for nine seasons.

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