Kodak Black’s Lawyer Demands Third Party Test Drugs Allegedly Seized By Police

Kodak Black is caught in a crazy scenario Let me tell you that as a result he has just been arrested for posting sister $75000 after he was released but it doesn’t look like he will give up now that the lawyers have done this drug online Kodak has just submitted a motion to allow attorney Bradford Cohen to review evidence in a third-party criminal case seeking permission to test drugs and were found in a recent arrest.

Cohen’s new proposal It is possible for Kodak to find a defense without independently weighing any substances in connection with Kodak TV’s third-party drug testing arguments from Kodak Black’s team, it said in a statement. the right to conflict, their right to prepare defense on their behalf, the right to aid with the effect of attorney due process of law in accordance with the protections provided to them through the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and the Florida Constitution

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