Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ Tops 100 Million YouTube Views, Propelled by ‘Stranger Things 43

Supported by Netflix’s Stranger Things 4, Kate Bush’s Renaissance continues to thrive. The official video of the artist’s synth pop classic “Mysterious Hill” has exceeded 100 million on YouTube.

Since the premiere of Stranger Things 4, Bush’s music video on Mysterious Hill has more than doubled on YouTube. This song literally played a life-saving role in the fourth season of the supernatural thriller of the 80’s and can be heard in some important scenes (and the trailer for Volume 2). 37 years after the first release, the first music video uploaded to YouTube’s Kate Bush channel in January 2011 was 48.2 million as of May 25, just before the May 27 release of the first tape. Played times. From Stranger Things 4.

 The resurrection of  songs, British singer-songwriter producers are surprised, excited and grateful for the “Mysterious Hill” that is being accepted by the younger generation. “[‘Stranger Things’] was a great show and I thought this track would get a lot of attention. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 last month, President Bush said, “I never thought it would be like this, but it’s very exciting, but it’s really shocking, isn’t it? That is, the whole world is crazy.

.” Nooka is the lead single of BBC’s 1985 album, The Shape of Love, and was released in the UK by EMI on August 5, 1985. The music video directed by David Garfuss features an interpretive dance in which Bush co-stars with dancer Michael Harview.

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