Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Hopes To Rope $50M At Weekend Box Office

No, one of the tentpoles remaining at the summer box office looks to provide a lift this weekend, with an estimated $50M debut in 3,700 theaters with people 17-34.

NOP will debut Oscar winner Jordan Peele’s third film, and in the US/Canada it will debut above his 2017 film, Get Out ($33.3M), as the under-filmmaker’s 2019 title ($71.1M). The film is produced by Peel’s Monkey Productions. We made a record domestic debut for the original R-rimmed horror film. No critical reviews have been recorded on Rotten Tomatoes for Nope yet, but critics went crazy for DET OUT for 98% Certified Fresh and also enjoyed us at 93% Certified Fresh.

The audience gave a Get Out-Synmuscore and gave us a B grade.
NOP Horse Rancher siblings OJ Heywood (Daniel Kaluuya, return with Jordan) and Emerald Heywood (Keke Palmer), who discover something wonderful and damning in the sky above their property. Adjacent to its farm, Jupiter boasts a fun theme park and a family zoo that draws on the white-washed history and aesthetics of the California Gold Rush. It’s owned and operated by Ricky “Jupe” Park (Steven Yeon), a proud former child star who is saddled with a tabloid-trick backstory that he spent a lifetime attempting to escape. . He has also seen the spectacle in the sky, and takes them to Dennis, his theme park.

Among the Peel Trio, NOP’s highest budget is at $68M, P&A after California tax incentives (the photo was shot in the Leader Dallas Desert in northern Los Angeles County) and $20M production costs before the gate’s dignity. Have to get out. Get out and out. Further ranking $4.5 million. Peele shot NOP in IMAX. There were big cash cows for both movies, with us making a profit of $119M and a profit of $124.8M.

NOP is also the longest film in Peel’s theory at 2 hours 15 minutes.

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