Joe King & Her Wardrobe Malfunction At Bullet Train Photocall in Paris

Many celebrities were discovered on Saturday at a photocall at Batou Excellence in Port Deville, Paris. Hollywood actress Joe King posed on a gorgeous lace top and turned her head. She wore a black leather blazer. Indeed, the kiss booth actress rocked her appearance and surprised the fashion crowd.

Joe King teamed up with her co-star in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower to choose matching pants. She perfected her appearance with a thick padlock chain while a straight caramel-colored lock was blown in the breeze. She shows off her mascara and stylish nude lips while keeping her moist make-up.

Joking plays a central role in her upcoming action film. She plays Prince, a British assassin disguised as a high school girl on the Shinkansen in Tokyo and Kyoto. She was also able to discover her starring actor Brad Pitt. Impressive and handsome at the age of 58. Brad wore a bright orange blazer with her trousers and T-shirt. Indeed, he looked cool and composed in colorful outfits. As an accessory, he chose a gold chain and orange sunglasses.

This movie is directed by David Leitch and adapted from Bullet Train.

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