How to Hide Apps on Android using the phone's launcher or a third-party app
How to Hide Apps on Android using the phone's launcher or a third-party app

How to Hide Apps on Android using the phone’s launcher or

a third-party app

Here’s how to hide apps on Android phones from Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi

Sorting out some way to stow away applications on Android can baffle. Few out of every odd brand of Android telephone gives you the choice to make it happen, and on those that do, there’s an alternate interaction for every one.

It’s unnecessarily interesting to resolve how to disguise applications that regularly divert you, or confidential ones that you’d prefer avoid others who utilize your telephone.

Despite the fact that Android 12 is presenting local help for locked envelopes when it leaves beta in the not so distant future, stowing away applications isn’t coming any time soon. So for the present, your main choices are to utilize a Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi telephone, which have this capacity as a component of their remarkable Android skins.

Follow our aides beneath to figure out how to utilize those three brands’ covered up application frameworks. Assuming more telephone creators offer the capacity to stow away applications in future, we’ll make certain to add them to our rundown.

How to hide apps on Android on a Samsung phone

Samsung’s strategy for concealing Android applications is fairly restricted. While you can stow away applications from the fundamental screen, it’s absolutely impossible for you to get to them again until you turn around the interaction.

1. Enter the Home Screen Settings part of the Settings application. You can do this by squeezing an unfilled spot on your home screen, then tapping the “Settings” machine gear-piece in the base right corner.



On the other hand, explore to the fundamental Settings application by pulling down the notice shade and tapping the machine gear-piece symbol in the upper right. Then, at that point, find “Home Screen Settings” inside the choices.

2. When you’re in Home Screen Settings, swipe down to view as the “Stowed away Apps” choice and tap it.


3. Presently select the applications you need to stow away from your home screen and application cabinet.



The apps you choose to hide will appear in a box at the top of the screen as you pick them.

4. To unhide your applications, return into this menu and tap the applications in the top box to eliminate them from your covered up applications.

How to hide apps on Android on a Xiaomi phone

These means apply to any telephones made under the Xiaomi umbrella. That incorporates Xiaomi’s own “Mi”- marked telephones, financial plans brand Redmi and Poco and the gaming-focussed Black Shark. For reasons unknown you can’t pick any introduced application to stow away, however ideally the ones you wish to keep stowed away will show up on the still extended list.

1. Open the Security application. Of

course it will be on your most memorable home screen.

2. Look down and find the App Lock choice. Tap it and afterward set up an example lock as mentioned. You can now turn on App Lock and Hidden Apps.

3. When that is finished, return to the primary Security application utilizing the back button at the top, and open the App Lock choice once more.

Notwithstanding, go ahead and lock applications too while you’re here. Locking applications will make them brief you for your unique mark or example lock secret key when you open them, however it won’t conceal them from your home screen.

4. Presently you will have two tabs to pick from. Pick the tab on the right named “Stowed away applications.”

5. Select the applications you need to stow away

6. To get to your covered up applications, tap the screen with two fingers then spread them separated, either in an upward direction or on a level plane. The telephone will provoke you for your finger impression or example lock secret phrase. You’ll then, at that point, open the secret envelope containing your designated applications.

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