Dwayne Johnson Confronts Kevin Hart for Not Inviting Him to His 43rd Birthday

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have laid out incredible companionship objectives for us. They deal with one another, yet additionally heat each other well. Nonetheless, the two of them take this dish to the right state of mind so it doesn’t irritate them. In any case, Bluff Mabel didn’t go to Kevin Hart’s birthday celebration this year. Recently,

Kevin Hart commended his 43rd birthday. In any case, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson didn’t go to Hart’s birthday celebration. In a new meeting, E! News: Former WWE Daily Pop Champion asks Kevin Hart for what good reason his closest companion didn’t welcome him to his 43rd birthday. Presently,


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when Dwayne Johnson visited Kevin Hart’s dearest companion’s home, he amusingly offended Kevin Hart, reviewing what Kevin Hart’s little girl had said. Dwayne Johnson didn’t go to Kevin Hart’s birthday celebration. Yet, there is no hatred between the two dearest companions. Johnson’s bustling timetable might have kept him from going to Kevin Hart’s birthday celebration.

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