Biden to sign executive order on Americans held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad

President Biden published a decree to improve efforts to release American hostages and prisoners.

The order authorizes departments and agencies to use financial sanctions and visa restrictions on state and non-actors as a tool to guarantee the release of Americans held in police custody.

It adds a new warning indicator – the letter D – to the State Department’s travel councils for countries where there is a risk of reprehensible acts of Americans by foreign governments.

This warning indicator will be applied to the travel advisory for China – a country currently designated “Level 3 – Rethinking”.

The indicator will also apply to five other countries that the State Department has designated “Level 4 – Do Not Travel:”.

Russia, Iran and Venezuela, which also have “key” warning indicators for risks to Burma and North Korea, which also have “a warning indicators” for risks to Burma and North Korea.

The order also mandates agencies to share information and information with family members of those who have been taken hostage or detained.

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