American Soprano Quits Italian Opera Over Blackface Performers

American soprano Angel Blue said he wouldn’t play “La Traviata” in Verona to fight the utilization of blackface in one more show on a similar stage.

Rome (AP)- Soprano Angel Blue says he won’t show up in an Italian drama this month since his dark face was utilized to coordinate one more piece on a similar stage this mid year. increment.

An American vocalist posted a note on her angeljoyblue Instagram page expressing farewell to “La Traviata” at Verona Arena this month. ..

She has exploded the utilization of “outdated” dramatic practices, for example, “forceful, embarrassing, and absolutely bigoted.”

Nonetheless, as of late on Saturday, Angel Blue was posted on the field’s site as singing the job of Violetta in “La Traviata” on July 22nd and 30th. “There is not a great explanation or aim to outrage or upset anybody,” the field said in a proclamation on Friday.

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