Riots in Sweden against far-right group leave 3 injured

Riots in Sweden against far-right group leave 3 injured

Three people were injured when the police opened fire during a protest in the Swedish city of Norrkoping when a copy of the sacred book of Islam, the Koran, burned by extremists exploded in several Swedish cities. course of the Easter weekend.

According to the media reports, the Danish leader Rasmus Paludan from the far-right Strom Kurs (Hardline) burned a copy of the Qur’an de Linköping, Southern Sweden, Thursday. Paludan also threatened to burn copies of the Koran during extremist demonstrations.

The Swedish Daily Expressn indicated that demonstrations continued in parts of the country after provocation.

The Norrköping Police Department stated in a statement that the officers opened fire in the air to prevent protesters from attacking the police. “Three people seemed to have been affected by reflection and are now treated in the hospital. Three of the wounded were arrested at the suspicion of a crime,” the police said in an online statement.

The riots broke out in the cities of Malmö, Norrköping and Jönköping and the capital Stockholm, damaging 125 police cars and hurt 34 police officers and prejudge.

The situation in Norrköping was quiet on Sunday night, said the police.

The Iraq Department of Foreign Affairs invoked Hakan Ruth from Sweden on accusations of burning Quran Sunday. The ministry warned that the criminal fire would have “serious consequences for Swedish relations with all Muslims”.

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