Jordan Spieth is the RBC Heritage champ thanks to his own unique bravado


HILTON HEAD, SC – As Jordan Spit completed his final lap at RBC Heritage, birdshot 10 feet to hit a low of 13 and lead the club to the final 66, he walked into the barracks to score, and was greeted by a group of about 40 delusional people. children. As he signed his scorecard, a scream rang out from outside: “Spieth! Spieth!” Spit! Spieth” and then “We want Jor-dan!” He wasn’t ready to sign their hats and flags yet, but he walked over to the angry young crowd and explained the situation in the honest and measured tone with which they had become so familiar. was – sorry, but maybe there was a decider or he could lose. However, one way or another, he would come back when it was all over.

As I watched that moment, two questions arose: Who else would do this? And who else in golf, give or take Tiger Woods, would elicit such a reaction?

Insight a moment later: he sparked such a reaction because he was the one who took the time to explain to a group of kids why he couldn’t stay.

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